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Why private lessons?  Why not?  The cool thing about private in home lessons is that I come to your home where we work without the distractions of other unknown dogs, noises, smells and other strange people.  The lessons will be only about your dog and you get my undivided attention!  We can meet rain or shine, hot or cold because at your home, I can teach you the lessons indoors or out in the yard.  And if you have been doing your homework and practicing, we can meet at other locations to practice proofing your dog's behaviors. Got a puppy who hasn't had all of his vaccinations yet?  In your home, your puppy is safer from the diseases that can pass between dogs who have not been properly vaccinated.   

Want a dog that: sits calmly instead of jumping, leaves your favorite things alone, waits patiently when asked, looks to you for guidance, comes to you every time you call him, doesn't pull you around while leashed, doesn't chew on you or your table legs and gives you back your most valuable possessions upon request? My obedience lessons are just for you!  Purchase a package of 6 lessons or pay by the lesson - it's up to you! I offer obedience for adult dogs as well as lessons for puppies under 16 weeks of age. It's never too early or too late with positive reinforcement!



Why obedience training?  Teaching your dog obedience is not only about getting your dog to do as asked.  By teaching your dog obedience exercises, you will create a better and stronger bond with him. He will learn to be confident in himself as well as in your abilities to lead him and have fun with him.  Obedience lays the ground work for having a good and well-rounded dog that you can take anywhere. 


Why puppy training?  Training puppies is not only about laying a proper foundation for having a good dog who listens to you as they grow older.  Puppy training is so important because it allows you to prevent certain behaviors in the first place!  Wouldn't it be awesome to prevent bad behaviors as opposed to having to fix them?  The sooner and younger you "get" to your puppy, the better.  

Private training sessions in the convenience of your own home.

Is your dog fearful?  Does your dog guard his possessions, space or food?  Is your dog having trouble with potty training?  Thinking of crate training your dog for the first time?  Will you be bringing home your new born baby soon?  Need more knowledge on how to have a better relationship with your dog?  Does your dog appear too demanding?  Need help just teaching your dog to walk politely on leash?  About to adopt a puppy or new dog? 


I offer special 1.5 hour sessions to deal with different and challenging behaviors you and your family may be facing with your dog.  Some behaviors may be dealt with in just one session while others may require several  sessions to overcome.  I will set the pace according to your dog's needs and your knowledge and skills.  Call today and see if your dog has an issue that I can help you resolve or a specific behavior that you may want to teach your dog.

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