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Good Dog! LLC is a family friendly reward-based solution to your private in-home training needs.

No old school force or coercion methods used whatsoever!  I train you to train your dog through force free positive reinforcement techniques based on actual science!  I'll teach you how you can have a great relationship with your dog - one in which your dog will listens to you and focuses on you because he enjoys you - not because he fears you.  Old school force methods use fear and coercion through punishment (leash corrections, prong/choke collars, shock devices, etc) to train your dog.  Wouldn't you rather reward your dog for behaviors that you want so that he will want to perform those wanted behaviors over and over for you rather than punishing him for the behaviors you don't want and only achieving a fear based response?  By rewarding your dog with treats, toys, and praise, you will increase your bond with your dog, build his confidence and create a learning environment that is fun for him and the entire family. 


Rewarding a dog with treats, toys and praise is not the same as bribing your dog to perform.  I will teach you how to use treats, toys and praise to teach behaviors and then teach you how to wean your dog correctly to where you won't always need a treat handy at all times.  But remember it's important to reward your dog as often as possible!   Would you work for free?  If you wean correctly, you will not have to have a treat in your hand at all times to have your dog perform behaviors correctly.  Practice makes perfect and consistency is key!   



No choke, prong or shock collars here!  Only the most modern and humane tools......


No old school theories of dominating your dog or being the "Alpha" here!  Only modern science based learning theories that involve using rewards to train..... classical conditioning, operant conditioning, counter-conditioning, differential reinforcement of alternative and incompatible behaviors, etc



Serving Columbia, South Carolina


My Charlie is a Canine Good Citizen!

My Contact Form is not working as it should.  Please email me or call me at below email address or telephone number.  Thanks and I apologize if you have emailed me through this website and have not received a reply. I have removed my Contact Form and will be working on this technical difficulty. 

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